Down & Out Books to Publish Debut Political Thriller by University of Chicago Law Professor

Elaine Ash serves as developmental editor. 

Elaine was indispensable to my success as a mystery author. She was a dream to work with, and when I hired her to query on my behalf, a top New York agent responded to represent me. Now, I have three books coming out, with a fourth being shopped by the same agent. My mystery novel, MENTAL STATE, releases from Down & Out Books in 2018.

          M. TODD HENDERSON, Law Professor, University of Chicago

"Elaine Ash did a great job on the edit of my second-ever short story, pushing me to get past using dialogue as a crutch and changing the opening. By the end of the year I’d been nominated for a Derringer Award and had a great agent. "

                       JAY STRINGER

                       5 novels published by Thomas & Mercer                                                      


With Elaine's tireless help and guidance I received a two-book deal with a very reputable publisher (pub date 2019).  The year before, Elaine had worked up an amazing Snapshot for my first novel manuscript titled The Big Crescendo. By the first paragraph I knew that our working relationship was going to be dynamite. 

             JONATHAN BROWN, Barbera publishers; Down & Out Books 

Elaine Ash has a good eye for fiction.
            —Nat Sobel, Agent
                       Sobel Weber Associates
       (Reps Tim Dorsey, Otto Penzler +)

"My first manuscript is still being read by agents. Now I’m in the throes of writing a mystery. And, I’ve been conscious of Elaine's metrics as new characters start piling up. 

​--Shelli Margolin-Mayer, writer of Obsessionista, and workshop​ attendee

 "Elaine convinced me that my walks and talks on the beach with Tennessee Williams, before he got famous, were of interest to a wide readership, and that my own original poetry could have a fresh audience because of it. I self-published, and now, my book is sold by Walmart across America."


Elaine was my first choice to to edit my sci-fi/fantasy short story collection. When the time came to query, she landed me a deal with Superversive Books, Australia, in two weeks. I'm so glad I found her.
                                               —Chrome Oxide, Winner, Writers of the Future contest,

                                                  Published Finalist, 2013 & Honorable Mention, "A Cop for a Day"​

Elaine's notes are so very exciting. There is more work to do but after 17 years of work as a storyteller I think I can see light at the end of the publishing preparation tunnel.  What a great gift I gave myself.

                                                                                        —Sean Devan Svensen

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