Terry Gilliam

I spent three days on and off with  writer/director/creative genius TERRY GILLIAM. Filmmakers Alliance brought him in for their Vision Award ceremony at the Director's Guild on Sunset Blvd. I still own the magnifying glass used at Terry's cover shoot for MovieMaker Magazine. Click the pdf below.

Please note that my married name has been replaced on these pdfs with "Elaine Ash."

Lars Von Trier

My interview on one of the best screenwriters of the year was used for a film course at the University of Texas at Austin. Von Trier is notoriously cloistered at his home when not working and I enjoyed two full hours of conversation with him. He has 7 Oscar noms and 100 different international awards for his films. 


Two Academy Award-winning films and countless international plaudits keep Joffe on the Hollywood A-list. I loved his flexible mind, and open forthright opinions in this hours-long personal interview.   


An afternoon at the Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, chatting one-on-one with Ms Leigh is a fond memory. I'd loved her since first seeing her gritty performance in Last Exit to Brooklyn, a cautionary tale of the road to perdition.     


When  I called Mike Figgis' home in London England, he was playing the piano in the background as an assistant answered the phone. Later, I met him when he was in Los Angeles accepting an award. He's best known for directing Leaving Las Vegas, starring Nicholas Cage. Shot on 16mm film, it attracted a host of Oscar noms. 


Dear Elaine, I just wanted to thank you personally for the lovely article you wrote. It was the first piece that I have read in a long time that I recognized myself in. (I usually don't!) It was very respectful and thoughtful of you. Best of luck to you, and I hope our paths cross again.


More Coming Soon: Helena Bonham Carter, Rodman Flender, Amy Robinson, Bruce Robinson, Molly Ringwald, David Marconi, Emily Watson, more

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